Naked ADSL2+ Land Line Broadband

Naked ADSL2+ allows you to get Broadband over the copper phone network without paying a separate line rental fee.

We can provide Naked ADSL2+ from selected Newcastle Exchanges. Please give us a call to discuss.

  • Why Choose IDL for your ADSL Broadband Service?

    It is Fast. With our ADSL Max product we connect you at the fastest speed we can using the best available of ADSL or ADSL2+

    We don't bundle. This is a good thing; it means we can concentrate on doing what we do best, Broadband!

    Naked/ULL now available. If you don't need a land line phone service then Naked ADSL is for you.

    It is Simple. Our modem routers come pre-configured.

    We are Local. You just can't beat local service and local support!

  • ADSL MAX Naked Broadband Plans
    The rental of the phone line is included with the Naked service possibly saving you $30 or more per month. Plans are unlimited however service is slowed to 128kbps when the included data limit is reached. For Business Broadband plans see our Business Services page.

    Plan Maximum Download Speed^ Gigabytes Included* Monthly Charge Minimum Cost
    (12 Mths, BYO Modem)
    Bronze 20Mbps 20 Gb $59.95
    ($3.00 per Gb)
    Silver 20Mbps 50 Gb $69.95
    ($1.40 per Gb)
    Gold 20Mbps 100 Gb $79.95
    ($0.80 per Gb)
    Platinum 20Mbps 200 Gb $89.95
    ($0.45 per Gb)
    • ^Maximum download/upload speed for this service is 20Mbps/1Mbps to eligible customers. About 50% of 20Mbps customers can access speeds of around 10Mbps or more.
    • * Additional gigabytes are free however service will be slowed to 128kbps (in both directions) once the included limit is reached.
    • Land line rental is included but this line will not have a dial tone and can not be used to make calls. Please consider a VoIP or mobile service for your phone call requirements.
    • Click here for this products Critical Information Summary.
  • ADSL MAX Naked Extra Data Blocks
    Data Blocks speed you back up if you reach your data limit saving you having to upgrade your plan on a more permanent basis.

    Optional Data Block Extra Megabytes# Cost
    10Gb Block 10Gb $7.00
    20Gb Block 20Gb $12.00
    50Gb Block 50Gb $25.00
    • #Data blocks will expire at the end of the month it is purchased in, or when the downloaded gigabyte limit is reached. Any existing usage over your plan limit while shaped still counts towards the purchased data block.
  • ADSL MAX Naked Installation Charges
    Connection Fee
    Customer / Connection Type Contract Period
    $59.00 Existing IDL Customer
    or churning from another participating ISP.
    12 Months
    (Minimum cost over 12 months is $778.40)
    $79.00 BYO Router
    Bring it in and we will re-configure it for free.
    12 Months
    (Minimum cost over 12 months is $798.40)
    $109.00 Single Port ADSL Router Included
    Included Router: TP-Link TD-8817 (click for info)
    Pre-Configured by IDL and ready to go.
    12 Months
    (Minimum cost over 12 months is $828.40)
    $139.00 4 Port Router with WiFi Included
    Included Router: TP-Link TD-W8968 (click for info)
    Pre-Configured by IDL and ready to go.
    12 Months
    (Minimum cost over 12 months is $858.40)
  • ADSL MAX Naked Finer Details
    • Average real world download & upload speeds will vary depending on what you are accessing, where in the world it is located, your equipment, your software, your distance from the telephone exchange, the quality of your phone line, the ADSL technology available and many other factors outside the control of IDL.
    • Plan changes must be notified before the 1st day of each calendar month and can only be changed once each month.
    • Listed pricing applies to new contracts and contract renewals only.
  • More Information

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