Site to Site Private Networks

Utilising our extensive network footprint and multitude of last mile solutions we can provide private site to site links with speeds up to 100Mbps

Private office to office links take the hassle and complexity out of managing your own VPN/IPSEC tunnels.

  • Why Choose IDL For your private network?

    Off-Net, IDL has many last mile solutions meaning your site to site link never goes over the public Internet remaining local, fast and secure.

    Options, Options and more Options. We own and control our network meaning IDL can provide you with an almost unlimited number of possible custom solutions including services like a separate unmetered link for remote backup, a special service with QoS for voip and remote access and many more.

    It is Local. You just can't beat local service and local support!

  • More Information

    Need More Information? Need Help? Need to Signup?

    We are local just like you and happy to take your call.

    Click on the phone for our address, a map to our office or just pickup your phone and dial 1300 130 195
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