Virtual or Cloud Servers

Virtual or Cloud Servers are the latest solution to content management. IDL can provide you with your own Virtual server for hosting sensitive data or special systems like remote access & VPN servers for your organisation.

  • Why Choose IDL to host your Virtual Server?

    We give support!. You can pick up your phone and call us for help

    We give support!. How important to you are your online services? Why risk using some XYZ company in some XYZ country that you can't contact when things go wrong?

    Off-Net. If you utilise one of IDL's multitude of last mile solutions for your office you will be able to access your virtual server without your data going over the public Internet meaning it will be fast and secure.

    Options, Options and more Options. We own and control our network meaning IDL can provide you with an almost unlimited number of possible custom solutions.

    We are Local. Our call center is in Newcastle and you just can't beat local service and local support!

  • More Information

    Need More Information? Need Help? Need to Signup?

    We are local just like you and happy to take your call.

    Click on the phone for our address, a map to our office or just pickup your phone and dial 1300 130 195
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