Hunter Wide Fixed Wireless Broadband

IDL owns and operates a Fixed Wireless Broadband network consisting of some 30 towers covering as far South as Toronto, Warners Bay, Wallsend, Newcastle, Hexham, Thornton, Maitland, Rutherford, Pokolbin, Mt Thorley all the way north to Singleton and much more.

Fixed wireless is the perfect solution for customers without a land line or unable to gain access to ADSL.

  • Why Choose IDL Fixed Wireless Broadband?

    It is FAST, in fact our 10MBps plan is faster then the average ADSL2+ service.

    It is not Satellite so it won't be effected by the weather, need a massive dish or suffer high latency.

    It is not Mobile so it won't dropout, slow to a crawl or suffer high latency.

    It is not ADSL so it doesn't matter how bad your land line is or even if you have one at all.

    It Supports VoIP, online gaming & everything else you would expect from a normal ADSL2+ service.

    It is Local. You just can't beat local service and local support!

  • Flat Rate Fixed Wireless Plans
    Plans are unlimited however service is slowed to 64kbps when the included data limit is reached. For Business Broadband plans see our Business Services page.

    Speed Bronze
    (20Gb / 10Gb*)
    (50Gb / 25Gb*)
    (100Gb / 50Gb*)
    2048/256 kbps
    Fast enough for streaming Movies
    (min cost $1237.40
    / $3.50 per Gb)
    (min cost $1354.40
    / $1.60 per Gb)
    (min cost $1594.40
    / $1.00 per Gb)
    10,000/512 kbps**
    Faster then most ADSL2+ services
    (min cost $1474.40
    / $4.50 per Gb)
    (min cost $1594.40
    / $2.00 per Gb)
    (min cost $1559.40
    / $1.30 per Gb)
    • *Included data limit is for uploads and downloads. For example 20Gb / 10Gb means 20Gb of downloads and 10Gb of uploads included. Additional data is free however service will be slowed to 64kbps once the included limit is reached.
    • **10,000kbps (or 10Mbps) is the maximum speed possible with this plan. The actual speed depends on your distance from the transmitter and radio equipment installed (call us for an estimate at your location). Most customers achieve 5000/512kbps or more. Upload speed is limited to a maximum 512kbps.
    • Click here for this products Critical Information Summary.
  • Extra Data Blocks
    Data blocks speed you back up if you reach your data limit saving you from having to upgrade your plan on a more permanent basis.

      Extra Megabytes# Cost
    2Gb Block 2Gb $5.00
    5Gb Block 5Gb $10.00
    10Gb Block 10Gb $15.00
    • #Data blocks will expire at the end of the month it is purchased in, or when the gigabyte limit is reached (in either upload or download direction). Any existing usage over your plan limit while shaped still counts towards the purchased data block.
  • Installation Charges
    When considering the installation charges remember calculate in the hundreds of dollars a year than can be saved by not needing a land line to deliver the service.

    Contract Period Installation Fee
    24 Months $199.00 - Router with WiFi (4 Ports)
    Included Router: TL-WR1043ND (click for info)
    Pre-Configured by IDL and ready to go. Minimum cost over 24 months is $1,397.80
  • Finer Details
    • Included megabytes are to be used within each calendar month and do not carry over.
    • Speeds are represented in downstream/upstream format. Example 1024/128 means up to 1024kbps downstream and up to 128kbps upstream.
    • Plan changes must be notified before the 1st day of each calendar month and can only be changed once each month.
    • Listed plans are only available to customers re-signing or signing up for a minimum 12 month contract.
    • Extra data blocks are available only on Flat Rate Plans. The block will expire at the end of the month it is purchased in, or when either the downloaded or uploaded megabyte limit is reached. Any existing usage over your plan limit while shaped still counts towards the purchased data block.
    • Installation fee applies for new sites and when changing between the different technologies.
    • Installation fee may vary depending on your location, site requirements (such as the need for a mast) and choosen speed. Please contact us to confirm installation fee for your location
    • All prices are GST inclusive and conditions apply.
    • Listed pricing applies to new contracts and contract renewals only.
  • Coverage Area / Location Check
    We have extensive coverage right across Newcastle, Northern Lake Macquarie and the Hunter Valley Regions of New South Wales. To have a location check done please complete your details below:

    Your Name

    Company Name (optional)

    Your Email Address

    Best Contact Phone Number

    Site Address

    Verification Code
    (Please type code above into this box and click Submit below)

  • More Information

    Need More Information? Need Help? Need to Signup?

    We are local just like you and happy to take your call.

    Click on the phone for our address, a map to our office or just pickup your phone and dial 1300 130 195
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